Noninvasive Fat Reduction
  • Lipocel device is for fat reduction involving high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) are attracting attention.
  • HIFU can deliver energy to the desired depth and can ablate subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT).
  • HIFU treatment with a contact cooling decreased the skin surface temperature and prevented epidermal damage.
  • HIFU treatment with a cooling system efficiently destroyes adipocytes.
  • Lipocel with an added contact cooling system may provide an effective, safe and less painful treatment as a non-invasive device for fat reduction.

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Noninvasive Fat Reduction

HIFU System

Thermal energy is generated using HIFU technology. With this thermal energy, fat cells are destroyed to reduce the circumference of the waist.

What is HIFU


  • HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) is a type of thermal therapy with a main principle that is the same as burning paper by using a magnifying glass to focus light.
  • Procedures using HIFU technology use the high temperature of 65-100℃, generated when applying the high-intensity ultrasound energy on one spot, to burn the target tissue.
  • Noninvasive

Advantage of Contact Cooling

Contact Cooling : Protect Epidermis

The data above are the comparison results of the usage (5°) and non-usage (20°) of contact cooling while performing procedures with the same energy (J).

When the contact cooling was used, the temperatures were maintained between 30-37℃ and no ecchymosis was observed.

When the contact cooling was not used, ecchymosis began to form as the temperature rose (over 40℃) and the size of the burns grew as the energy grew larger.

Contact Cooling : Higher Energy

Adverse effects attributable to the principle of HIFU procedure may occur. The LIPOcel™ is equipped with a special contact cooling device to eliminate these complications. This technology can cool the surface of the handpiece down to 5℃. Through the development and utilization of this technology, the LIPOcel™ features three core advantages.

  • It decreases the neural pain from thermal energy.
  • It allows the emission of higher-intensity energy, which leads to increased effects.
  • The frequency is 2MHz and the maximal output energy is 150J/㎠.
  • It protects the epidermis to prevent ecchymosis.

LIPOcel™ Cartridges

How It Works

The Most Comfortable Non-Invasive Body contouring HIFU System, LIPOcel™.

The LIPOcel is the only team that combines HIFU technology for body contouring with an advanced cooling system, which makes it comfortable and safe for the patient. The LIPOcel is a team of Jeisys.

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