Advanced Dermocosmetic Expertise for High-Quality, Effective and Safe Skincare

The skin reflects our state of mind, our moods and our general health. As such, it is our most sensitive organ. Drawing on this observation, a group of dermatologists – passionate about studying the skin, its complex relationships and its development over time – created the Noreva dermatological laboratories in the 1980s. The aim was to provide each generation with leading dermatological skincare, taking a holistic approach to health and bearing in mind the natural connections between the skin, the body and the mind. That is how the #ComfortableInMySkin generation was born.

This vision redefines the codes of dermo cosmetics with high-tolerance skincare products combining effective results, a sensory experience and well-being, suited to all generations: from infants to teenagers, young adults to the elderly.


Since good hair hygiene is essential to a balanced scalp and healthy hair, the Noreva laboratories have developed Hexaphane, the first range of shampoos with an active foam texture, targeting the daily needs of all hair types. Complete formulas for supple, soft hair full of vitality.
Moisturizing & Nourishing Care


Water, the original element of purity, is not only a source of life but also has obvious positive effects on the skin’s beauty. Every day, the skin copes with multiple aggregators, changing its natural balance. In the bargain it gets dehydrated, becomes uncomfortable, loses its radiance and feels dry.

The Noreva Laboratories have developed Aquareva, the first 24h hydro-replenishing range, to provide the skin with vital water, protect its balance and restore its natural hydration process. Enriched with glacier water pearls, Aquareva has been formulated to take care of the basics using an innovative formulation suited to all skin types and enabling the use of the latest technological advances, for example to prevent the effects of blue light exposure.
Anti Imperfection Care


During adolescence, skin becomes shiny and thickens, while imperfections appear in varying degrees. During this period of vulnerability, when selfies and self-image play an important role in everyday relations, these skin adversely affect teenagers.

Specialized in skin with imperfections, the NOREVA dermatological laboratories have invented Exfoliac, the first comprehensive, anti-rebound range dedicated to teenagers, combining high performance, optimal tolerance and exceptional mattifying properties, thanks to the Micro-sponge and Pure Color HD technologies, while offering pleasant textures.
Depigmenting Care

Trio White XP Range

Hyperpigmentation is caused by several factors, such as age, genetics, sun exposure, hormones, and more. It leads to the appearance of brown spots on the skin, in varying shapes and sizes. Noreva dermatological research has developed an innovative skincare range that regulates hyperpigmentation while preventing the appearance of new spots: Trio White XP, the first new-generation range produced by the Noreva laboratories with complete anti-dark spot action targeting the heart of the melanocyte.
Sensitive Skin Care


Localised or diffuse redness, visible and unsightly blood vessels, flushes or heat discomfort are some of the uncomfortable and visible signs suffered by rosacea-prone skin. The psycho-emotional consequences are significant, since these skin signs are often related to negative emotions (poor self-control, overwhelming emotions, etc.)

Sensidiane AR is a latest-generation range developed by the NOREVA laboratories to control the skin’s reaction while also reducing the appearance of redness. Thanks to innovative textures and flush-control technology, Sensidiane AR provides a unique response to even out the skin tone, conceal imperfections and reduce the appearance of redness. Soothed, the skin recovers its even complexion.