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There are many reasons to want WONDER. It’s a leap into the future, where your patients become your community and your clinic the place where they want to be.

WONDER Prestige is capable of producing 60000 contractions all over the body, with a record depth of unto 20 centimeters, thanks to its unique pulse width of 1000 microseconds. The treatment is a buzzing and intense 25 minute workout experience that utilizes technology to “imitate” and amplify the signals that the brain sends to the muscles to make them contract thousands of times per second and offers a gentle and lasting improvement. Wonder Prestige delivers visible results with the help of its multitude of programs: hypertrophy, muscle toning, definition, pelvic floor and cellulite improvement


Straight HP

  • Indicated For Fat Folds of 35 mm. It works on area like the abdomen, inside of the knees, sides, etc.

Curved HP

  • Indicated for fat located in areas of curved contours. It works on areas like fat folds on the back, waists, sub-buttocks, etc.

Tight HP

  • Designed for fat folds smaller than 35 mm. Works on areas such as the abdomen, sub-buttocks, back, hips, etc.

Double HP

  • Indicated for fat folds larger than 35 mm and great length. Designed exclusively for treating the abdominal area.

Oval HP

  • Indicated for fat folds larger than 35 mm over broad areas. Works on sides, love handles, calves, etc.

Tiny HP

  • Designed for fat folds smaller than 35 mm in reduced areas. Works on areas such as double chins, arms, sub-scapula, sub-umbilical accumulations, etc.

How It Works

Cooltech Applicators

Designed to treat the fat of multiple body areas through a controlled cooling system. Cooltech has different handpieces in order to adapt the device to all body areas achieving the full body contouring treatment.

Proven Results