Secret Duo (QR)


Fractional 1540nm Er:Glass Laser plus Microneedle RF
  • Secret Duo is the only device that offers dual non-ablative technologies that works in total synergy.
  • Microneedle RF technology provides deeper coagulation, protein denaturation and volumetric heating to achieve deeper skin remodeling with very minimal to no downtime and rapid recovery.
  • 1540nm fractional Erbium Glass laser provides non-ablative fractional resurfacing that delivers wider area of protein denaturation and volumetric heating that cause effective improvement in skin concerns with minimal side effects.
  • This new combined non-ablative fractional resurfacing technique deliver an amplified synergy that results in a much greater skin remodeling with very minimal downtime and side effects.

Benefits and Advantages of SECRET DUO

Secret Duo provides a novel treatment combination that delivers more efficient clinical results with virtually no downtime and very minimal side effects. With Secret Duo, your patients will experience continuous improvements for the following 6 months after the last treatment is done, with higher satisfaction and without disrupting daily activities. Patients skin will have better texture and ultimately a healthier, younger and fresher looking skin. Secret Duo also allows you to treat wider array of skin disorders effectively without any complications or side effects.

How It Works

1540nm Erbium Glass fractional non-ablative laser will deliver laser beams multiple columns in the dermis, which will induce heat and dermal collagen remodelling with no ablative effect on epidermis. This gentle resurfacing process allows faster recovery and lower incidences of post-operative side effects.

Advanced micro-needling bipolar RF technology delivers precisely controlled RF energy to selectively adjusted depths (0.5mm–3.5mm) via its finest medical grade needles to increase treatment efficacy in photo-ageing and scar treatments.