Primelase HR (QR)


Diode Laser Hair Removal
  • Diode laser platform with the highest peak power in the market (4800W),
  • With three different wavelengths (755nm, 810nm and 1060nm)
  • And also with an applicator which has combined wavelengths (810nm, 940nm, 1060nm) for complete hair reduction
  • And can be safely used in all skin phototype.

Thanks to the USP (ultra short pulse) technology, primelase HR is capable of delivering very short pulses with high fluence of energy which are perfect for residual hair during last sessions.

General Information

The primelase HR platform was developed based on the latest advances in aesthetic medicine in addition to all cocoon medical’s expertise in the development of laser technology with the aim of providing greater versatility and precision in treatments. Its 3 wavelengths and the combined wavelength (810nm, 940nm, 1060nm) in one applicator means that all kinds of patients can be treated without limitation of phototype, hair type or time of year with the maximum effectiveness and security:

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755nm: Recommended for treating pale skins (phototypes I-III) with fine hair. Indicated for removing the residual hair of the last sessions. Its high peak power makes it the most powerful laser on the market with this wavelength. Up to 3600W.

810nm: Recommended for treating all skin phototypes, particularly patients with a great density of hair and first sessions. Its high peak power (Upto 4800W) and the USP technology create a unique combination on the market achieving excellent results with large spots (30x17mm). Up to 4800W.

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160nm: Indicated for treating dark phototypes (III-IV tanned, V and VI). Its work mode, exclusively designed for this wavelength, offers a unique combination providing maximum safety in the treatment with the best results. Up to 4000W.

810nm, 940nm, 1060nm: Perfect balance to treat dark phototypes (III-IV a VI), we have the absorption efficiency of the 810nm wavelength and the safety of the 1060nm wavelength. Excellent to arrive to all hair depths and dark skins.

How It Works

USP (Ultra Short Pulse) technology is a technology designed by cocoon medical’s R&D department to work exclusively with our laser. Primelase HR is characterized by being the only laser diode platform that makes a combination between SSL (Solid State Laser) and diode laser, achieving a mix of advantages: maintenance free, all skin types, Ultra Short Pulse duration and compatible with domestical electrical network. Besides, It has two work modes, static and dynamic, that enable the device to be suited to the individual needs of each patient and different spots.

Proven Results