Fraxis Duo (QR)


  • High Power CO2 Laser plus Micro-needle Fractional RF
  • The Fraxis Duo is a combining CO₂ laser and micro-needle fractional RF technology for optimal result of scars, photo-aging and Striae distensae.
  • CO₂ fractional laser is enabling intense superficial heating stimulation and micro-needle fractional RF provides higher volumetric heating and deeper heat diffusion.
  • The dual modalities permit the treatment of all skin types and maximum treatment flexibility to treat a larger range of applications increasing the effectiveness of the treatment and reducing side effects.
  • The combining therapy could be an effective and better choice for striae distensae by both effective dermal remodeling and skin resurfacing at the same time.

  • Multiple applications, combination therapy.
    The benefits of combining a CO2 laser with micro-needle RF fractional permit the treatment of all skin types and provide multi-treatment opportunities with deep and superficial stimulation to treat a larger range of applications increasing the effectiveness of the treatment and reducing side effects.
  • Maximum efficacy and safety
    Fractional Photothermolysis is treatment for partial skin, so if epidermis or superior derma gets damaged, surrounding non-damaged tissue makes possible to recover the damaged tissue with quickly and easily. choosable 8 kinds of scanning shape depending on the treatment area.
    With dual energies and various modes, it enables physicians to easily select the most effective mode and energy depending on a variety of conditions on all skin types in order to deliver the energy to the target skin layers without damage of the surrounding tissue for patient comfort and safety.
  • Cost effective and versatile
    FRAXIS DUO is 2 in one system that combines both CO2 laser and micro needle RF for maximum treatment flexibility from photo-aging and scars to striae distensae. Such a dual multi-functional system makes it easy to expand patient services without the need to purchase additional equipment.
  • Smart and easy to use
    User friendly designed 10.4” full color touchscreen helps physicians easily choose the optimal parameter and an weight type articulated arm provides accurate movement in any position to easily place the beam centering and minimize physician fatigue.
  • The Clinic Difference of CO₂vs Micro-Needle RF
    The histology analyses show an intense superficial fibroblast stimulation with CO₂ but a middle and deep fibroblast stimulation using micro-needle fractional RF.

How It Works

FRAXIS DUO / High power CO2 laser plus Micro-needle RF system.

Fraxis Duo platform is the ideal combination of fractional CO2 laser and with the option of micro-needle fractional RF technology with numerous applications for face and body treatments. This is achieved through the optimal combination of fractional superficial stimulation and deep volumetric heating, giving superior results for single or combination treatments on the most-common medical and cosmetic indications.

Proven Results