Coolite Evo (QR)


Coolite Evo, evolved from Coolite Pro, is the new generation fibre coupled diode laser system. With longer life span and added system of skin rejuvenation, Coolite Evo creates higher returns on investment, besides hair removal treatments. Patients will experience much faster and comfortable laser treatments, thanks to the enhance laser power and large spot size.

What is Fiber Coupled Diode Laser technology?

Fiber Coupled Diode (FCD) technology refers to micro lens array coupling the light generated by multiple diode laser into a single-core multimode fiber, transmitting the light to the target place. The laser generator locates in the mainframe instead of handpiece. Laser energy is transferred by fiber. This innovative design assures uniform energy distribution, low damage rate, long lifespan and easy maintenance.


2 Years Warranty, 100 million shots life span

Coolite Evo features super long-life span, upto 100 million shots. This is breakthrough in Fibre Coupled Diode history. 2 years warranty is provided without any limitation of pulses.

New software for skin rejuvenation

Coolite Evo is the first version of Coolite family with extra software of skin rejuvenation, which greatly improves the ROI of the machine. It is effective in the treatment of skin rejuvenation, skin tone lightening, open pore reduction and skin tightening.

Lighter handpiece, weighs only 185g

The new lighter handpiece is reduced in weight by 35%, compared with previous version of Coolite and weighs only 185g. With this user-friendly handpiece, operator can enjoy a more pleasant work experience.

How It Works

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