The fundamental therapy for Acne

Acne Vulgaris is very common and affects 80% of population. Almost every person experience acne, once in their lifetime. Acure is 1450nm high performance diode laser system in Acne therapy. It delivers thermal energy to sebaceous glands and provides >80% reduction in acne lesions.

ACURE Advantage

  • Non-invasive treatment
  • No consumables
  • Minimal or no downtime
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Clinically proven –
    • Remission of acne lesions up to 12 months (documented studies)
    • >80% reduction in Acne lesions with 3 treatments
  • Compact size & easy operations

Acure System

Effective in increasing temperature of the tissue having water & fat absorption.

Thermal damage inside & outside to sebaceous gland & lobule.

Other Technologies

Only water absorption.

Thermal damage only to the outside of sebaceous gland & lobule.

How It Works

Acne Treatment by ACURE

Prevention –
Delivering thermal energy directly to sebaceous gland and deactivating 5α-reductase. The activation of 5α-reductase is declined by more than 80% with 10°C rise in temperature.

Decrease in sebum production due to decreased DHT activity & lobule coagulation of sebaceous gland.

Active Acne Treatment –
Reducing inflammation and restoring damaged infundibulum by thermal energy.

Optimum absorption in water helps in collagen remodelling, improving acne scars.

Proven Results

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