Excimer Pulsed Light > EXSYS 308

The EPL® Excimer Pulsed Light technology has been optimized by GME. It has the same emission spectrum as excimer laser: monochromatic UVB light with a wavelength of 308 nm. Therefore, it is not surprising that many clinical trials have shown that pulsed excimer light is as effective as excimer lasers — at a fraction of the costs. ExSys 308 offers three distinct advantages compared to conventional UVB treatment:
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Anti ageing > Ultracel

Ultracel is a revolutionary no downtime, triple facelifting technology which uses the powerful but Focused ultrasound, radio-frequency and fractionalized micro needling radio frequency. These three technique combine to lift not just the skin, but the deep muscle layer underneath call SMAS which was previously only reached by surgical facelift. Together They create the most complete non-surgical facelifting technology.
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Hair Removal > Vikini

VIKINI is effective depilation laser, which has dual(option) wavelengths with more powerful 600W output. VIKINI provides high powered output with high speed and wide spot size, it enables to reduce treatment time, and also its powerful cooling system enables to provide more safe and less painful treatment.
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Fractional & Ablative > Fraxis

I. CO2 Micro focusing conventional Laser Scanner Fractional Laser
II. 10.6um wavelength Laser (high water absorption)
III. More high power is adapted 30W Tube (Made in USA)
IV. More high beam quality is adapted RF Tube
V. Minute Laser Beam hole is delivered to dermis
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Fractional & Ablative > Fraxis Duo

The Fraxis Duo is a combining CO₂ laser and micro-needle fractional RF technology for optimal result of scars, photo-aging and Striae distensae. CO₂ fractional laser is enabling intense superficial heating stimulation and micro-needle fractional RF provides higher volumetric heating and deeper heat diffusion.
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Scar Reduction & Resurfacing > Secret Micro Needling

Fractional Micro‐needle RF system is a ideal technology for skin rejuvenation by applying precisely controlled RF energy directly into a certain depth of dermis with minimally invasive micro‐needles. Such an ideal combination of micro‐needling plus RF energy reduces treatment time and recovery time significantly differentiating from fractional laser based treatment.
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Anti Ageing > Maximus Tripolar Rf

The Maximus platform houses 3 proprietary aesthetic technologies that treat 4 layers of skin for the most complete body contouring and anti-aging solution. The combination of technologies allows practitioners to offer the TriLipo MED procedure which treats all four layers of the skin - yielding unsurpassed aesthetic results.
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Anti Ageing > Intragen

Non-Invasive RF system
No down time
Reasonable price
Low consumable
Indication / Application
Chin line
Skin toning/texturing
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DePigmentation/Laser Toning > TriBeam Premium

I. Dual Pulse 1.6 J with Maximum 20Hz
II. Rich – PTPTM (Photoacoustic Toning Pulse) for Subcellular Selective Photothermolysis
III. True Flat-Top Hat Beam
IV. Auto Energy Setting
V. Comfortable User Interface
VI. Hand piece in 3 types
VII. Calibration
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Cool Shaping

CoolshapingTM System
I. Delivers optimized cool-energy for local reduction of fat cells to reshape body contours.
II. The exposure to cooling is set so that it causes cell depth of subcutaneous fat tissue without damage to other tissues and protect the skin surface.
III. Maintain the stable target temperature during treatment. Additionally Vacuum and LED effectively enhance the treatment result.
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